Inspire Elementary Weekly Update

July 22, 2019

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August 4th: What's new at the Petting Zoo? 11 am - 2 pm

August 24th: Open House

August 26th: First Day of School

The Principal's Corner

Choosing the Right School

As an educator, parent and former student who is now in charge of running a school, I am often asked “What makes your school different?” and “Why should we choose your school?” by parents looking for a better option for their children.

Both of these are great questions parents should ask of anyone wishing to provide a service that greatly impacts the present and future livelihood of their children. So I thought, since summer is almost over and many parents are still undecided about what they should do, I would offer a few tips on choosing the right school.

First, it is important that the school’s values and your values are aligned. Not all schools are equal or have the same mindset. Look for a shared building vision and policies that support your family values. Listen to not only what the school can do, but also what it expects from you and your child.

Second, make sure the school is safe and respectful of the learning environment. Safety and learning go hand in hand. Classroom’s that are disruptive with unplanned chaos destroy effective learning and create a safety risk. Ask about the school safety plan and discuss how students are managed to preserve the learning environment for all students.

Third, look for the integration of students and families in the learning process throughout the year. Social Media, websites, classroom newsletters and frequent calls about learning opportunities and events should be the norm. Communication is key to building a community. Look for a great learning community.

Finally, check for signs of high individual growth or personal learning. Not all learners will start or finish in lockstep with their age-level peers. Look for signs of acceleration, curriculum compacting and support services to help both you and your child learn more. Many high achievers function as low performers. Have a personal learning plan with goals for your student.

Whether you choose Inspire Elementary or elsewhere, have a safe and happy year ahead!

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