Williamsburg Science Department

Board Meeting February 11th, 2013

Technology and Personalized Learning

Our department has been busy this school year. We have incorporated technology into each of our classrooms and courses and have been to several conferences to help us develop our understanding of Individualized Learning. Our goal is to share some of our current understanding with you today.

Personalized Learning Institutes and Individualized Learning

Personalized Learning Institute from CESA#1 in Wisconsin

Institute provided understanding and scope for the Convening and the work of the Institute @ CESA #1. At the convening we:
  • Reviewed and reinforced the larger picture and connected the dots of a personalized learning system (honeycomb)
  • Had time to connect with each other and shared experiences and lessons in implementing personalized learning
  • Attended break-out sessions that delved deeper into a variety of topics related to personalized learning
  • Heard from students that currently experience personalized learning

Personalized Learning from The Grant Wood AEA in Iowa

A Collaboration to Create Education for the Innovation Age

The goal of the Eastern Iowa Compact is to create an educational system that engages learners and meets the needs of children, families, businesses and our community.

To do this we must:
1) Build collaborative learning structures and opportunities.
2) Establish clear and rigorous learning targets.
3) Create personalized learning experiences that develop critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to solve difficult problems.
4) Create highly flexible, customized, and innovative approaches for student learning.


Future Conferences

Standards-Based Grading Conference on April 24 at Grant Wood AEA

More Personalized Learning From Grant Wood on February 25, April 2, and June 5 2013

How we use technology and Personalized Learning in Our Classrooms

Artifacts from Science Classrooms

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