New England Colonies

Make Sure To Stop By!

Stop By!

New England is a very great place to inherit land! This colony has many jobs, great land, and a great culture!

Land, Climate, And Beliefs

The land in the New England area has rocky soil, has lots of trees, and has the ocean right on the coast. That opens up the opportunity for jobs like boat builders, and fisherman! The climate is here is very cold in the winter if you do not have shelter, and very nice in the summer. There are many beliefs in the New England Colonies. Usually, the meeting house is the center of life in a colony. Not female, but only male settlers had a say in the government. And, they believed in the freedom to practice their own religion. In England, you were only allowed to practice one.

Goods and Trades

There were only a couple goods that are in the New England Colony. Ships were a big one, and the ships came from wood. There were lots of trees, so there is lots of wood.

Pilgrims at Plymouth

The pilgrims were not happy in England. The pilgrims felt like they had the freedom in religion, or the freedom o practice your own religion. So, the pilgrims decided to make the Mayflower (a ship), and sail to America to practice there own religion. Not only that, but the pilgrims were in hope of some money, too.

The pilgrims sailed out of England, to what they called Cape Cod. Cape Cod was in Massachusetts at the time. The pilgrims wanted more land, so they traveled to what is now Plymouth. They then settled and suffered a very harsh and brutal winter. Many of them died. The pilgrims made a settlement, and met the Wampanoag Indians.

The two groups had a very big feast, that maybe even lasted three days! For this, the pilgrims got help with farming, and the Wampanoag Indians got military support from the pilgrims. This was called the Mayflower Compact, which benefited both groups. Also, both groups traded and exchanged goods. The pilgrims, as they wanted, got to practice their own religion, and have a happy life in the New England.

Compare And Contrast

Unlike the Middle and Southern Colonies, New England has very rocky soil, and the coldest climate in both the winter and the summer. So if you plan to inherit land, make sure to build a shelter quickly!


The Puritans had also came from England. The Puritans also believed in the freedom of religion. The Puritans had came for freedom of religion, to create a "Our City On A Hill", and provide a model to live by. The Puritans wanted everyone to live the way they were. With a meetinghouse in the center, and practicing their own religion. The Puritans ran or conflicted with many other tribes, and fortunately for them, they were lucky to have an easier start than the pilgrims.

North of Plymouth, in a city named Boston by the many people that lived there, were the Puritans. They also named their area the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Puritans very well believed in education, and to the fact that they built the first schools, libraries, and colleges in America. The Puritans also believed in some church rules. They believed that only the church owners could govern, and also in their own religion.