I AM Project

Jimena Romero

10 Interests

1. Our culture teaches us that wealth is the key to happiness and that the more money and material objects one acquires, the happier they will be with their life.

2. The goal for most people is to be living the "American Dream," when in reality that is no more fulfilling than living in an average home with an average salary.

3. People shield themselves by buying more and more things, when in reality buying the bare necessities produces the same outcome regarding how content and happy that person is with their life.

4. Our culture has turned into a battle between the rich and the poor and how much more material wealth has than the other.

5. There is a fundamental difference between machines and life, but we still treat our world like it is a machine, meaning we break it while knowing we can't fix it.

6. People do not understand that the only real necessities are food, shelter, and love and those are the only real things you need to survive.

7. The quote by Plato, "All wars start from the comforts of our bodies," regards to that our belief that we want material objects is interfering with our ability to be truly happy.

8. Human beings need to ask themselves the question, "what is wrong with our world" and contemplate their answers.

9. In order to fix the problems that we think are going on in the world, people need to ask themselves, "what can we do about it?"

10. The answer that people are looking for is love, and how people need to be spreading love and what asked "What id right in the world," for them to be able to say, "I am."

Most important point and the most important change

I think that the most important point that was brought to my attention is how in today's culture, it has become a battle between the rich and the poor. In the documentary, they told a story of how a very long time ago there was a tribe of people who had hunters that distributed the food that they caught between everyone in the community. Then, the hunters became greedy and keeping a larger share of the food, while the weak and old were left to starve. When he first told this story, everyone felt anger and sadness for the rest of the community, when in reality that is what the whole world is doing. We take more than we need, and leave others to starve and fend for themselves.

The most important change that people need to be making is to learn that one does not become happier by becoming richer or acquiring more material goods and wealth. By living with just the essentials needed to survive, such as food, water and shelter, we can give back to more people, and learn that we can be just as happy. People need to change the problem with the world, which is themselves. By changing greed and lust for power into love and not needing so many objects to be 'happy' then the world and its inhabitants would experience a tremendous change in a very positive manner.