SPS Supports Healthy people 2020!

For More Details Visit: SPS.org

Staying healthy takes knowledge, a plan, and practicing healthful behaviors!

SPS has many goals for the wellness of it's students! Some of which include:

-Decrease obesity

-Provide meals for it's students that are up to all USDA guidelines and standards


-Healthy vending machines, school stores , and snack carts

-School parties must have no more than 50% of snacks and drinks be carbonated or fatty

-Clean kitchens!

-Assist students in and teach them about keeping active

-Never take away recess as punishment!

-Meet needs of all students and assist them accordingly

-Discouraging periods of inactivity to exceed 2 or more hours

-Strive to engage families as partners in their children's education and keeping them healthy

-Provide gardians with a list of healthy snack choices, available on the SPS website

-for the lunchrooms to be inviting

-Provide outstanding indoor and outdoor air quality