Sydney, Australia

Sydney - one of the most beautiful places in the world

What is so good about Sydney?

Sydney is a beautiful place in Australia, that includes many languages and foods. If you want to go on a fun and relaxing vacation, go to Sydney!

Foods in Sydney

There are so many foods in Sydney, and you can find pretty much any food there - form Chinese food to American fast food - but, like most places around the world there are some traditional foods. Damper is one of the traditional foods. Its is made of bread with no yeast. Lemmingtons - another traditional food - is a piece of spongecake that is rolled in coconut and toped with whipped cream. Yum! There are also over 2,000 restaurants in Sydney. So if you don't like the foods there, you can probably just eat something form a McDonalds, or Chik-fil-a.

Sydney's Very Intresting History

Now, lets move on to Sydney's history. before the Europeans came to Australia and set up a penal colony in 1786, there were about 1,000 Aborigine people living in Australia! Sydney has an art festival on the fifth of January, which is there summer, so if you want to go to the festival, go! Sydney is also home to the Sydney opera house that was built in the 1950s

What to do in Sydney?

If your planning to take a trip to Sydney, then take my advice and try some of these activities! If your near the Sydney harbor area, then go on a relaxing boat ride or even go fishing! You can also take a walk on the bonditogee beach if you so choose. finally, if you enjoy opera or architecture, take a look at the Sydney opera house!

Want to take a look at some landmarks in Sydney?

The capital theatre reinvents the atmosphere of the 1930s but also includes some modern elements. If you feel like fishing, boating, or just enjoying the view, go to the Sydney harbor!

St. johns cathedral is a very unusual church. It has been a place of worship since 1803, but has been around for much longer. Last but not least, the Sydney opera house! It was built in the 1950s and has very unusual architecture.

Sydneys Languages

There are SO many languages in Sydney so be prepared! The languages there include: Greek, English, Spanish, and almost 70 other languages. be sure to know some of the Australian slang they call the grill the barbie and the country the outback. Lastly, most schools in Sydney encourage multi language learning.

Sydney's Very Nice Climate

Sydney's climate is very nice because it is mild and mostly sunny. Keep in mind that our winter is there summer! Be sure to bring an umbrella just incase because it rains quite a bit! The climate allows people in Sydney to spend a lot of time outdoors.
Well That's it! Now you know how beautiful and amazing Sydney is!