Sumerian Writing Classes

Become a scribe, and have a great vibe!

By: Beth Sinson hour 5

What is our class?

In this class you will be learning how to write cuneiform, the written language in Sumer. Cuneiform evolved off of our old written language, pictographs. You will get wet clay tablets and write with our wedge shaped stylus. When you are done writing we will dry the clay tablets in the sun. Once the tablets are dry you cannot do them over again. After one year of these classes you will be certified to work for the king as a scribe. You also could become a priest or priestess and work in the ziggurat.

When do our classes take place?

Join Miss Beth on every Tuesday and Friday or Wednesday and Saturday from 11:00 am-5:00 pm. The lessons will be every week for a year. We will meet at the base of the ziggurat then go to my house near the center of the city. On the last Friday of the month we will go out of the city into the countryside, you will write a story of what you see on clay tablets and I will check your progress of the letters, neatness and format. This will be a three day trip.
A place we might go to at a end of the month trip, picture courtesy of

Cost and Extra Information

The cost of this class for the entire year is 900 shekel, I know this is expensive but as you know being a scribe is a very good job as well as priests and priestess. We will provide the clay tablets and the stylus for you to use. Also we will provide the funding for the trip outside of the city-state, but you will have to bring your own food and water every day. Additionally the 900 shekels can be paid over time, it doesn't have to be right away, but Miss Beth must have the money before the year is over.

How to Sign Up

Go to Miss Beth's house at 1620 Scribe Street, Ur, and talk to her for more information and to sign up. The class sizes are limited to 50 people per class and it is first come, first serve so sign up now!

Some Things you will be learning about