Animal Cruelty


S.A.P.A.R stands for Special Animal Protection Agency Rights. Our job is to protect and take care of all animals. Every animal deserves to live because they were made by God himself. Do you want to be beaten down or skinned alive? So why would you do that to other animals?


World wide, 10,796 species are endangered because of habitat destruction, killing or hunting, starvation, and animal abuse. Lots of animals are killed for clothes, makeup and lots of more.

the tiger is being abuse by zoo people
Against Animal Cruelty Commercial

How You Can Help

Start by donating money, even a penny will help. For example, Rachel Ray donated $750,000. Or be a volunteer and save lots of animals, because without the animals, it will be a lonely world and lots of animals can help you. So why not help them? Be a hero and join us to save the world.