Water Evaperation Project By: Dillain Daggy & Carlos Reyes

Drought around the world

Drought is an area of land that has gone without water for a long period of time. Droughts aren't very good for the environment.

Why are droughts bad?

it can take away minerals from the land. Droughts can destroy the habitat of many animals. They destroy everything in the water and it all dries up.

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Where do they come from?

Droughts can occur anywhere actually, they form anytime of the year there isn't any specific spot in the world they can form. There has been small droughts here In Houston. good thing is it rains here pretty often.

Droughts dont just affect humans

These droughts affect animals such as ducks such as mallards, wood ducks, and teal and waterbirds such as yellow legs, pelicans or great blue herons.

How are wildlife affected by droughts?

They wouldn't have any water or food to eat. They would most likely not life through the crises. If their smart enough they would move to a different area.

Do droughts affect us in Leauge Ctiy?

No , why because we have lots and lots of water. big droughts don't form here small short ones do. the bridge after the Webster sign theirs lots of water and there was a small drought there but, the rain saved us.

Are people affected by this?

Some people might be affected by this cause they wont have any water. they would have to move or hope for the best. They can cause people to freak out.

Who causes this?

Actually no one causes droughts. Droughts are places that don't have water for a long period of time. No one in the world causes this, its nature.
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How can we prevent it?

save water don't let the faucet run for long periods of time juts turn it off when your not using it. In some places they ration their supply of water. This is how to prevent all of these droughts that are happening . If we do these things it will lower the chance of a drought.

Make a new idea?

Clean sea water to prevent this from happen. Sea water is much more abundance than naturally clean water so if we ever were in a bad situation we could clean sea water and it would help a lot of people.