Haas Elementary Staff Bulletin

March 2015 Vol. 3


Following is a link to a weekly series of steps to prepare for the test. Many of the steps are related to the online version, but you will find the 'Instruction' column useful in keeping on schedule. http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/Spring_2015_Transition_Readiness_Timeline_479081_7.pdf

Also, here is a link to the Calculator Policy, which really only affects 6th grade. Calculators are not used on the 3-5 math tests.


Finally, here are the Top 12 Testing Breaks from the folks at GoNoodle:


Wednesday What Really Matters for Struggling Readers Books Study: Chapter 3

This Wednesday we will meet at 3:30 in Mrs. Compton's Office/the PLC room, to discuss Chapter 3 of the 'Struggling Readers' book. The focus question for our discussion is: Examine the list of motivating or unmotivating practices presented on pages 73-74. Put a check on each list by aspects that reflect your classroom. Do you have a classroom with more motivating or unmotivating practices when it comes to reading? Which unmotivating practices can you eliminate? Which motivating practices could you add or expand?

Child Study Meetings This Week

We will hold Child Study Meetings this week in the Title I room. Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Shock will cover classroom teachers. There are many students to review and another 12-14 who need initial intervention plans, so we will want to make very efficient use of our time. A schedule will be shared out via Google Drive/e-mail. Interventions with specialist teachers will not be held.

Read-A-Thon This Thursday

Don't forget the Read-A-Thon is this Thursday, from 3:15-4:00, for students in grades 2-6. Students will be treated to prizes and Shamrock Shakes!


Following are some resources you may find useful...

TeachingtheCore.org is a new resource that features over 60 videos of exemplary bell-to-bell lessons, materials, student work samples, and teacher interviews.


8 Essential Elements of Project-Based Learning (PBL)


Parent Engagement Toolkit - This is one we will want to incorporate into our School Improvement Planning


This is a site I have been exploring lately...

Looking at new course materials to align with CCSS? Check out the FREE Achieve the Core!


From the Twitter Feed...

A word of encouragement after failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.