Mrs. Patton's Class Spotlight

By Mrs. Patton's 4th Grade Class

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The Teacher's Profile

By Tianna

Mrs. Patton is usually a great teacher, her personalities/emotions are caring, a little strict and happy, she’s usually fun to talk too also. Mrs. Patton LOVES answering questions, really loves answering questions. She’s more like that type of cool teacher. She has gray hair, brown eyes and glasses.

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Class Achievments

Some of our class Achievements are having full music attendance, full PE attendance and participation. Also we have finished up some units and worked hard through the whole time and we work together very well even if it is online. Also we have already read 3 chapter books and we have great class attendance, we also finished our nonfiction writing and our fiction writing, some of our students are accomplished artists. Also some are very good at math they can respond to math problems very fast,we have also mastered canvas like we know how to navigate canvas. We are also using Jamboard. We use all sorts of websites for our learning. Also we are very flexible and we can do anything even online.

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We Are Amazing!

by Alondra

Hi, I am a girl. I am going to tell you about my class today! We have 20 students in our class. We have 8 girls. We have 12 boys. We all have names of course so here they are.


Aisha, Srijan, Akshith, Trung, Alexander, Alex, Alondra, Anthony, Conner, Genesis, Giovanni, Hadley, Jesus, Kathy, Lauren, Logan, Phoenix, Saketh, & Tianna.

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What We Do In Reading

by Saketh

Some of the things we have done in Reading are we have completed 3 chapter books. Also when we read we do not just read and say “ I'm done “ we read and imagine it as a movie and we predict what is going to happen in the book. We are reading and it is not just that we also write what we were thinking about when we are reading.

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By Anthony

As it has been in January 13, 2021, we have been working on judging our own collections of anything. I myself am working on watches. In the picture you see currently, you can see I have a collection of 3 watches.

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Math Choices

By Aisha

In math we have lots of choices. One could be Tug Team and another one is Grand Prix. Two other choices are Carolina Clip-It and Raging Rectangle. Having choices is good because you can do what you like in math.
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Learning About Healthy Bodies

By Kathy and Hadley

We are learning about not drinking and smoking and that it is so bad for your body and it can make you crazy. Don’t take medicines with alcohol and only from the doctor that gives medicine to you. Taking drugs can make you unhealthy and really, really, sick.

Be brave to peer pressure so you don’t get in trouble. If you don't do the right thing from peer pressure it can make you in big trouble.

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Class with Mr. Brown

by Srijan

I read the book Zapato Power - Freddie Ramos Takes Off by Jacqueline Jules and Miguel Benitez. We read the first chapter and there was a mysterious box. There 8 chapters in this book. I am reading the book by myself.

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

The mission of Elmonica Elementary is that together we promote high standards by:

· Practicing critical thinking skills through inquiry.

· Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

· Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.

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