Henry Ford


  • Before Nixon's impeachment, he selected a new VP after his former resigned
  • Nixon selected Gerald Ford, who later took over after Nixon's resignation due to the Watergate Scandal
  • Ford became the first unelected president in US history
  • Ford lost popularity when he issued a full pardon of Nixon, called Ford's Pardon

End of the Vietnam War

  • Early in 1975, the North Vietnamese invaded South Vietnam
  • President Ford requested aid for South Vietnam, but was rejected by Congress
  • South Vietnam quickly fell
  • The last of Americans were evacuated on April 29, 1975, which marked an end to the war, but not the one Nixon was hoping about when he spoke about vietnamization
  • Cost to America was $188 billion, with 56,000 dead and 300,000 wounded, thanks to bloody battles like those in Cambodia
  • America also lost respect in the eyes of foreigners, lost its own self-esteem, lost confidence in its military power, and lost economic strength