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Leading and Learning: WHAT I WANT

I met with a few groups of students in Mr. Hanley's class this past week as they asked questions about issues in education. A student asked a question about what students really need from education and it made me think about what I really want for my own children in their education. I think there are three things that I want.

  • I want my kids to be loved and cared for on a daily basis.
  • I want my kids to have opportunities to try new things and take risks in a safe environment.
  • I want my kids to learn.

I am going to write about these three things over the course of the next few weeks. So here we go:

I want my kids to be loved and cared for on a daily basis. If I subtract out the time my kids sleep at night, they spend a considerable more time at school during the week than at home. This means school must be a home away from home. I trust that while my kids are at school they are in an environment that safe and with people who care for them. I know my kids are not perfect, but their unique personalities are what make them special. I want to know that when they are at school that there is someone there who loves them and cares for them. We have an awesome responsibility as teachers - people trust us with their most precious things in the world. Just like my own children, no child is perfect, and every child can be a challenge in their own way. But, we must love them anyway. Above anything else, I want my kids to be in an environment with someone who cares for them every day!

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • Everyone who helped sub on Friday.
  • James Thorpe for getting here early on Friday to spread salt and clear sidewalks
  • Our school counseling office for hosting a parent night for our current ninth graders this week.

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 25: Grateful Friday Challenge

Even though the Reds and Pinks of Valentine's Day have faded, tis’ still the season (or week?) for love -- this challenge is short and sweet. Go to the Top 40 songs from the week you were born and pick the one most like a love song and send it to 3 other people. (Just go to YouTube and search Top 40 songs from (insert your birthday and year) I’ll go first. Top “love” song from Mid-June 1979 (please don’t tell me I’m old- I already know it!) The Bee Gees - Love You Inside Out! If you took a few minutes to listen - I hope your day is better already. Do that for someone else. Spread love, good tunes, and positive vibes this Friday.

Best of luck today to Nate Smith who is heading downtown to get to work at the State Wrestling Meet. And, good luck tomorrow to all the swimmers who made it back to Sectional Finals!

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Sam Hanley

Mr. Hanley's AP Lang students are engaging in research, discussion, and writing on self-selected issues facing education. After completing research and around specific topics, students developed questions that they would need to answer about those topics. Members of the SHS admin team visited Mr. Hanley's class for a panel discussion. Students were able to ask questions about their issues and take additional notes on the topics from the perspective of the school.

Nathan Fishel

Mr. Fishel's US History students have been studying the early 1900s. Students put together presentations around a topic of interest in the timeframe leading up to the Great Depression. Students shared those presentations in class today. Students presented about the Flappers, silent movies, and did you know that you use to be able to mail your child to a relative's house through the post office!?!

Conner McNeely

Mr. McNeely's Spanish students were introduced to some new words today. Students take notes as the class goes through them and the class has a conversation throughout the new material. Targeted words and structures are repeated as students ask questions and respond. The conversation is fluid and goes in various directions but always gets tied back to the original phrase/target structure.

Rosalind Jackson

Mrs. Jackson's French students are practicing conversational French today by speaking to partners about what they like. Mrs. Jackson would pose different questions to the group and students would talk to a partner about what they preferred in each scenario. In each new scenario, students would find a new partner to practice speaking French.

Educational Humor

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