Raley's Study Guide

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these are definitions for personification,simile,metaphore,hyperbole, and theme

Personification: is when you give an animal or a non-living thing a human characteristic.

Simile: a figure of speech using like or as

Metaphore: a figure of speech not using like or as

Hyperbole: exagerating the truth

Theme: main idea and the authors message

this is the difference between literary non-fiction and non-fiction also what are the differences in the types of literary non-fiction

A :literary non-fiction has someones life in it and just non-fiction has the media in is

B : is a book about that person by another person and the other is a book about that person written by that person .

Memoir - is a smile story apart of their life . Personal neritive - is a bit or small story of memories . Diary - is a story of their day. Auto biography - is a story about someone's life written by them. Biography - someone's life written by another person .

First person point of view is when a character varieties the story with I,me,my,mine in his or her speech . Second person point of view , in which the author uses you and is rare seldom speak directly to the reader . Third person point of view is an outsider looking at the action.

Inference : is the actor or process of devouring logical conclusions from premises known or amused to be true . How Do you interfere things : you would guess at it .. Why so you can understand the meaning better .

B: text to text , text to self , text to world ,

C: it is the important thing of the story and the summary is putting it in your own words .

D: the main idea of the story and to put it in your own words .

A: comparitive & supirlitive adjitives

comparitive would be : me and my friend shelby lero.

because comparitive is 2 or more.

superlitive would be :me and all of my friends shelby , tori , morgan , laycee ,anna , and fallon.

because supulitive is 3 or more.

B : irregular verbs !

an irregular verb would be : my dad had COME home late at night !

and they are verbs that fall outside the standerd pattern

C: preprisitional phrases

a prepisitonal phrase would be : ACORDING to my dad he thinks hes a good singer.

it is a word used to show the relationship of a noun or a pronoun yo some other word ex..... in , on , between , under , around , , above , across, .

D: simple and compound sentences

simple : i like these shoes.

compound : i got a new phone , i love it .

E: subject-verb agreement

example : she and her friends are at the fair .

how is a story told in drama (or film/play ) form different from other fiction ? how do the characters , setting and plot differ between genres ?

a play has a lot of drama in it . but when you read a book it doesn't have much drama in it .