Isabella Mantica



Nan has been through a lot for a high school junior. Ever since she meet her best friend, Seemy, her life has been non stop. She was a pretty normal kid, not very out there, barely any friends, quiet. She lives with her mom and half brother, Tick, in their apartment in Manhattan. But things won't always be so nice for her...
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Nan has always been an outcast so when she meets Seemy, she is desperate to be accepted. Seemy has plenty of issues of her own and Nan just tags along just to get closer to her. She is huge into partying, drinking, drugs, etc and can never take anything seriously. A big weakness of Nan's is Seemy, and the feeling that she has to make herself uncomfortable just to fit in.


THE NANAPOCALYPSE - Nan starts to get really wrapped up in all of Seemy's activities, and it does not end well. They end up going out together, Nan has a little too much, gets alcohol poisoning, and passes out in front of her apartment. Her mom finds her, thinks she is spiraling out of control, and sends her to rehab. This really messes up her relationship with her mom and family, they don't really trust her anymore and start to behave differently around her, and she tries to work it out in therapy. While this very serious situation is happening to her, Seemy just sits back and watches thinking this is the most hilarious think ever because it isn't her.
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Throughout the book, remembering is one thing Nan can't do. And it all starts in a NYC subway car...
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She wakes up in an empty subway car, no recollection of the night before. She is in a tight pink dress, old smudged skull makeup, and has the words HELP ME written of the chest. She is a complete mess, and is losing her mind.
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She told her mom she could trust her, she told her she could handle being alone for the weekend. Halloween just didn't go as planned...
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Nan hasn't seen Seemy since before rehab. She was supposed to stay away, but when Seemy calls Halloween night, Nan gives in. They meet at the city parade... But that's all she can remember.


When Nan woke up on that train, she couldn't remember a thing. But she is determined to find out what exactly happened last night. This becomes extremely difficult due to the fact that she keeps passing out. She has to start retracing her steps...


While retracing her steps Nan takes stops at school, her apartment building, a pizza parlor, their favorite neighborhood diner, and a costume store. While she spends time at these places, she is hit with flashbacks as she talks to people who remembered seeing her the night before.
While in the bathroom of a pizza parlor she meets a women who recalled giving Seemy a makeup wipe to clean her face in the bathroom at the diner. Nan is stunned by this news, because she had no idea she was even with Seemy last night, so she passes out.
Nan also goes to Dukes, the neighborhood diner that is a regular hang out spot for them. She walks in and the waitress immediately starts yelling her to get out. She goes on to explain how last night Seemy and Nan were with these two random men and they were breaking things, yelling, and just causing a scene in the diner. They weren't with Toad last night, a friend of hers and Seemy's ex, so she thinks he could help.
On her way to see Toad, she stops at the costume store, Rickys, to see if she left her bag there. But she finds more than a bag. In the dressing room she finds the words HELP US written on the wall and her cell phone number. That must mean that they were in trouble last night, and if Seemy is missing, she still is.
After talking to a very angry Toad, Nan goes home and remembers everything. She met Seemy at the parade, and she was with two strange men, they ended up drugging them with "liquid gold", and dragging them around town. They kept trying to escape but these men were persistent. They eventually got away and Nan went to find help, and she knows exactly where she left a very sick Seemy, the old carriage house.
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Nan runs to the carriage house, finds Seemy, but someone else finds her too. The men from last night arrive and Nan has to fight for their lives. Nan is trying hard to fight back, and finally Toad arrives to help. They end up pushing he man out a window and calling the police. They go to jail, and now Seemy is the one going to rehab.
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In The End...

Nan is overall a super strong character. She is put through a lot, and is forced to grow up quickly and fight for her life. The battle really shows how she finally realizes that she doesn't need Seemy and all the drama and unhealthy lifestyle to be happy. She has to help Seemy find recovery just like she did. But she does reunite with Toad and they start a new friendship.

Nan now looks at her scar and knows that she is STILL ALIVE and STILL HERE

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