King Phillip the second

Good guy beats all

Family & upbringing

Phillip the II was born May 21, 1527 , in Valladolid Spain. He died September 13, 1598 in El Escorial. His full name is Phillip II of Spain. His spouses were Anna of Austria, Elisabeth of Valois, Mary I of England, and Maria Manuela. Phillip II had 8 kids. He's parents were Isabella of Portugal and Charles V the holy roman emperor. Phillip II received his power of Milan from Charles V in 1540 and the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily in 1554 from his marriage to Mary of England. Phillip II relieved education inspain his tutor was dr. Juan Martinez perdernals. As a child Phillip was sent as a hostage to Thebes where he lived for 3 years.

Good things Phillip did

  • Had the first global empire
  • Worlds largest dominion
  • Left and empire that stretched from the Mediterranean to the shores of pacific
  • Was the king of England at one point