By: Kenny

Native American History

Native Americans were the first people of the Midwest. Some of the first people were the Kickapoo, Potowatomi, and the Ho-Chunk to name a few. In the 1500’s Spanish explorers brought horses France and British also began to settle in the Midwest. Native Americans have lived in the Midwest for thousands of years. The Native Americans built homes out of wooden frames and tree bark.

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European/ US History

The Mississippi River was first discovered by Hernando Desodo. Mount Rushmore has the faces of George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. Louis and Clark sailed on the Missouri river that is why they are famous. There are German,Irish, English, and African American settlers here in the Midwest.

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Famous People

The wright brothers were self taught engineers.They were born in Ohio.They changed travel in 1903.Another famous is Walt Disney.He was born in Chicago,IL,and he moved to Missouri.He also created the first full-color cartoon.

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