AIESEC in Michigan: Updates from TM



Hi everyone!

Your VPTM here. I hope everyone had a bombtastic and relaxing spring break. Most of us probably turned our AIESEC brains off during the week, but now it's time to get back into AIESEC mode and drive those exchanges. So what's better than being updated on what's happening within our LC currently :P

@ly yours,

Shiela, VPTM

What's included?

  1. Driving those exchanges and your part in it
  2. Functional Updates
  3. GMM Notes written by members
  4. LDM reflection
  5. Dey Dos is coming!

let's get down to business to defeat the huns

We are in the middle of peak season for exchanges. aka if we don't get those exchanges now, we probably won't get those exchanges this time next month.

It's absolutely vital that we're all performing to our maximum abilities and contributing to the LC. I hope you're thinking about what you're doing in the LC now, and maybe about how else you could be helping out. Every single one of you is important to the LC and every single one of you can be a part of the successes of the LC. There's less than half a semester left - what can you do to drive exchange? If you think you could be doing more (other than your given responsibilities), talk to your VP about additional opportunities!

~Functional Updates~

  • OGT - our focus countries are: Spain, China, Peru, Romania, India, Poland
  • OGC - EP Sarah is going to Barcelona this summer (as soon as she's matched)
  • IGT - we had 3 meetings this week! Also, ask us about our GE event with Dey Dos.
  • MKT - info session from before break had a great turnout! we'll try to have info sessions every Thursday :)
  • FIN - sending alumni emails out, seeking out $$$ anywhere and anytime
  • Events - EP showcase by Sebastian is next week and we're doing a really cool Leadership Seminar event on campus when Dey comes
  • TM - making sure everyone is on top of everything, marketing IXP for y'all, constantly creating new content for everyone, also your LC therapists

Missed some GMMS?

LC Members have been taking notes during GMMs. Take a look!

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Leadership Development Model

Are you achieving the four qualities of an AIESEC leader? What do you need from me to help you become a successful leader? What does it mean to be a leader?
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Say hello to the new MCVP TM of Romania for 2016-2017!! We're so proud <3

Dey Dos

A poet of breathes, a writer of unreadable stories, a green freak, a singer of silent songs, a warrior of passion, a lover without lover, a multicultural cook, a life worshiper, a prophet of beauty, a designer of concepts and a popcorn machine. At the end, a beautiful individual. Aren't we all? ツ (taken from his website)
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Dey Dos comes to Michigan

Monday, March 21st, 6pm to Saturday, March 26th, 2:30pm

Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Ann Arbor, MI

Former President of AIESEC International is coming to town to help Michigan regain its former glory. It's not possible without your participation though! Talk to and learn from him while he's here. Take advantage of his AIESEC brain and soul.
If you've got nothing better to do, check out some classic Abbott and Costello below :)
7 into 28

Movie recs from Shiela

(these are all on Netflix - go check 'em out)

-Charade (suspense, if you like Hitchcock and/or Audrey Hepburn, you'll like this)

-His Girl Friday (great, witty, fast-paced dialogue, funny, rom-com?)

-Short Term 12 (This year's Oscar winner Brie Larson stars and she's amazing)

-Moonrise Kingdom (classic Wes Anderson, cinematography is out of this world)

(not on Netflix but you should find a copy and watch)

-Notorious (classic Hitchcock)

-Sunset Boulevard (best noir I've seen)

-Summer Wars (you'll like this even if you're not an anime fan)

-The Red Balloon (34 min French film - has almost no dialgoue, most precious thing, click text for youtube link)

Shiela Royama, VP Talent Management

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