Learn about 2 types of energy here!


Do you know what energy is? Energy is the ability to do work. There are lots of different types of energy: kinetic, potential, electrical, solar, heat, and chemical. In this flyer I will be comparing solar to chemical energy.

Solar Energy & Chemical energy

Solar energy has 2 sources which are:

  • Sun
  • Solar cells

The properties of both of those sources are it's heat and light and the electricity that can be converted from the sun or solar cells. Solar cells are used to convert solar energy to electrical energy. The Law of conservation states that "energy can not be created or destroyed and amount never changes energy can only be converted to different types of energy.

Chemical energy has 3 sources which are:

  • Batteries
  • Fuel
  • Food

Batteries also give off energy by the acid that is contained within them. When burned, fuel gives off heat energy. Food gives us energy when we eat it and is combined with the oxygen that we take in from the air.

Comparing Chemical and Solar Energy

One of the things chemical and solar energy have in common is that they can both give off heat or light that power or give items the ability to do work, for example fuel has the ability to make a car be able to do work and solar panels absorb the sun's sunlight and convert it to electricity by using solar cells.

Contrasting Solar and Chemical Energy

One thing that they don't have in common is that that they can both power a car, as I have already told you fuel is used to power a car, but solar energy is also used to power cars the only difference is that solar energy is more reliable than using fossil fuels and is also more economic.

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