Jaguar Journal

Week of Feb. 4th

Minutes matter!

Thank you to each of you that are always on time for picking up your students from lunch, specials, etc. Thank you to those that are including an instructional component with snack each day. Thank you to those that are using arrival time and other opportunities as instructional opportunities. Thank you to those that are using timers and working to stay on your schedule so you do not miss minutes of instruction in subjects every day.

Minutes matter! I have been challenged to look where we needed to get tight with minutes. If one teacher is seven minutes late picking students up from lunch, seven minutes are missed from instruction. If this becomes a pattern, seven minutes five days per week. 7 x 5 = 35 minutes!

35 minutes each week = over 20 hours of missed instruction for the year!!!! I will be looking where we can be more urgent with time…please help me!

Important Dates/Events for the Week:

Monday, Feb. 2nd:
  • 3rd/K PLC
  • Sunshine Committee Meeting in Orchard-Hays Classroom after dismissal

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd:

  • SLT after dismissal in Sportelli's room
  • NCE Young Authors at 6pm in MPR

Wednesday, Feb. 4th:

  • 4th/1st PLC
  • EC PLC after school

Thursday, Feb. 5th:

  • 5th/2nd PLC
  • Art Means Everything at The Barn at Fearrington from 5:00-7:30 p.m.

Friday, Feb 6th:

  • PTA Snack in Lounge
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Thank you to our Teacher Leaders for the wonderful technology breakout sessions last week!

Important Info/Updates:

Access Testing is coming to NCE this week! February 4th, 5th, & 6th (Grades 1-5) and February 7th & 8th (K). The schedule has been updated. See more information about testing here. ACCESS testing will be in the lab, media center, and curriculum room. Please do not send students to the media center during testing. ESL Teachers appreciate your flexibility. Thank you to our ESL team for helping to make this a smooth process.

Chatham's goal is to have all report cards sent home this Wednesday, February 6th. Please be ready for this! However, do not send until we get the all clear from the district office. I will keep you posted. Home Connect Letters should be sent home to families. Please be prepared to send home with report cards. If you need assistance with this, please ask a colleague or check in with Mandy or Brittany.

Teacher of the Year Nomination - It is now the time of year to begin the 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year selection process. Included at the link above you will find the eligibility requirements and a list of eligible NCE teachers. Nominations will be taken until 8am on 2/5. On 2/6, we will provide teachers who were nominated for TOY a prompt and a deadline for returning their responses. We will then distribute TOY nominees and prompt responses to certified employees, as well as directions for voting for TOY.

Lockdown Practice is Coming...between testing and conflicts with our SRO we have had to reschedule. This go round is suppose to be unannounced so just know it is coming.....

Dual Language Google Drive Folder:
The name of the all important dual language Google Drive Folder has been changed to CCS DL (original folder). Carmen has taken the 16-17 part of the name off for more clarity. We didn't want you panicking when you couldn't find it under its old name!

Digital Learning Days: Your admin and DLT would like your input! We have $125/staff member or approximately $5,000 to spend on technology IF we win the digital learning days competition this year. Please take a minute and fill out this one question survey. We want to know what kinds of technology would you like us to request as our prize! Your Digital Learning Team will choose what to request based on your survey input!!

Delia's Digital Learning Day website will go live on February 5th with all the details about the events for the week. Here are the basic info that has been shared with us so far:

Digital Learning Days February 25 - 28th

  • Triple E Choice Board for CEUs

  • Teachers use the Triple E Choice Board to participate and post evidence to their school’s designated Padlet or Google Docs.

  • Teachers choose their level of participation.

  • Tweet about it. #CCSDLD19 #igniteCCS

Technology PD Sessions: We think our teacher leaders did a great job facilitating PD at our staff meeting last week. We are holding our second session on February 26th and are looking for your feedback. If you have not already filled out the survey for your session, please do so!

CPR/First Aid and CPI/Restraint Training: We would like to keep our school training list updated and posted on the NCE staff page. If you have received either training, please email Evonne so that your name can be added. Thank you for helping keep our school safe!

Consider completing a Positive Office Referral this week!

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What an AWESOME week digging into data and celebrating GROWTH! Keep up the hard work!


Our AIG department districtwide is in the process of testing! One piece of data comes from a form we call the Renzulli. There have been some issues with the way the form has been filled out in the past. Below is a link to a 6:50 video about the Renzulli.

  • The video is for all teachers.
  • Instead of watching during a staff meeting/PLC's we are including here.
  • Please have this viewed by February 28.

AIG/Advanced Learning Renzulli

Car Duty This Week:

AM Car Duty: Parrish, Avilia, K. Horton, Alvarez, Depietro, Spencer

PM Car Duty: Gomez, Rafetto, Carazo, Brillhart, Robinson, Knaus, Spencer, Lowing

Please do not send out mass emails regarding other covering duty for you due to an absence/progressional development. We must have confirmed people out at car duty and we have been short several days due to no one answering the mass email and/or people not covering their duty. This is too important a time of day for us to hope someone sees the email and helps out. Please text a friend that doesn't have duty to switch with you and/or text Carla.