NJHS Newsletter

September 2017

NJHS Meetings

The first official NJHS meeting will be help after school on Friday, September 8.

Time: 3:15-4:00

Place: Garage


  • Officer applications
  • Service projects
  • Grades & Conduct

Make arrangements to be picked up promptly at 4:00.

Meeting Expectations

All members are expected to attend. Please email Mrs. Teel with a written explanation if you cannot attend.

Mark your Calendars

Future NJHS Meetings:

Tuesday, October 10


Friday, November 10


Stay Connected

Membership Dues - $15

Annual membership dues should be paid by Friday, September 8. Memebership dues help pay for NJHS Chapter Renewal, T-shirts, etc.

Cash and checks accepted. Make checks payable to Sunnyvale ISD.


Continue to collected your service hours. You should have accumulated a minimum of 5 service hours by the end of the frist quarter. Mrs. Teel will share more information on ways you can serve around school at the first meeting.


A HUGE thank you is in order for the members that were available to help make recycling bins for I SMS teachers. Your help was truly appreciated!