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Friday, May 21st

Principal's Message

Dear Mustang Nation,

Our last week of school begins with Memorial Day...we remember the fallen and honor their service...

It is coming to the end of the school year...and what a year it has been!

These extraordinary times has brought the best and worse in us--we revel in the best, and strive to do better in the worse. Parents and families, thank you for the support you have (and continue) to give your children. Distance Learning has not been easy for them and for you. You have been patient as school personnel navigated through screens, apps, and Learning Management Systems with your students all year. And when a limited opportunity to return was given, you gave your full support too! I cannot thank you enough…

We had a great year despite the pandemic...a world champion Robotics Team who will be addressing leaders of Congress regarding the importance of STEM; big-time scholarship winners; League Championships in Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys Volleyball, and Girls and Boys Track and Field; CIF playoffs in these sports and with Wrestling and Swimming; a well-attended and awesome Senior Trails; increased number of test-takers in Advanced Placement; close to 1500 in the Principal’s Honor Roll list; admissions to colleges, prestigious universities, and special programs; NMSI STEM Rewards recipients; relevant, timely, and awesome presentations in AP Research; and a good number of successful completers in Career Technical Education, Administration of Justice Program, and Dual Language Program. Despite the challenges, our students persisted--with each other’s support, your encouragement, and the never-give-up attitude of their teachers. I cannot thank you enough…

There has been unprecedented changes this year… an assistant principal vacancy in August, a new principal coming into the 10th week of of school, a move from the ASB to the Main Office for one of our assistant principals, a new Assistant Principal of Student Activities, new teachers, new teacher-leaders, and new support personnel. You have been nothing but welcoming, warm, and supportive of these changes. I cannot thank you enough on my behalf and on behalf of the staff…

I congratulate every single parent of a senior who will be graduating next week. Please find below the updated Frequently Asked Questions regarding the upcoming graduation ceremonies. Again, it is our joy to be able to have the ceremonies at the Jose Brosz Stadium at Otay Ranch High School. All our guidelines are for the safety of our students and guests. We want to give you a ceremony that you will remember for its “pomp and circumstance”. We encourage the celebration after the graduation ceremony and thank you in advance for your support and understanding. I know that your children and as a staff cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to make this graduation happen.

ORH Graduation FAQ

I look forward to next school year, when we return fully in July. More information to follow as soon as we get the guidelines from the district. In the meantime, we will have summer school starting June 7. We will also have our “Summer at the Ranch” program for our incoming 9th and incoming 10th grade students on July 13, 14, and 15. We encourage every student to be part of this culture-building experience that will teach the Mustang Ways here at The Ranch. Thank you in advance for telling your children, “You will go. It is important to make connections at school.”

In the meantime, Finals Week is upon us. Last opportunity for our student to FINISH STRONG. Thank you for a GREAT YEAR!



Ms. Peralta

KORtv May 26th Final Show!

We are ready to close out the 2020-2021 school year, reflecting on how quarantine has affected us, and the new guidelines from the CDC. We take you to the drive in, make some bomb orange chicken, leave you with some music, TV, and video game recommendations, and we know seniors are ready to graduate, but are they smarter than a 5th grader? Don't miss the blooper reel at the end. Until next year Mustangs!

KORtv May 26,2021 Final Show!
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Textbook and Laptop Returns (Laptops Returns only for Seniors)

Thank you in advance for your patience during this time while we collect textbooks and laptops. Our goal is to have students return books in the safest and most efficient manner possible. Please carefully read the instructions for the textbook collection below.

The process will be divided by grade level, and last name and have designated days and time slots assigned. Students will be returning books to the library . Seniors and students leaving the district will return laptops as well. The library will be temporarily opened solely for the purpose of returning textbooks; a designated pathway will be clearly outlined. No other services will be provided or permitted, including payments. Students will be allowed to exit the vehicle and enter the library return area, one at a time. During the collection process, parents and students must follow all written and verbal directions to maximize individual safety. Students are required to arrive by car. We highly encourage students to be driven by somebody in order to be dropped off and picked up without having to park. Students who drive themselves may experience a longer wait time. Students should remain in the car until directed to exit.


You will enter campus through the main office gate off of Santa Venetia – staff members will be directing traffic and the ‘drive-thru’ procession. When you arrive at the school, please adhere to all social distancing guidelines and have your nose and mouth covered with a Face Covering. Temperatures will be checked when exiting the vehicle. Anyone with a fever or other symptoms, will not be allowed to enter the library. Our staff will be adhering to the public health guidelines on social distancing and following established public health and district protocols.

Students must remain in their vehicle until a staff member directs them to exit. Please follow directions for the designated paths. Staff members will provide instructions. NO DROPPING OFF OF STUDENTS TO WALK ONTO CAMPUS TO RETURN BOOKS. This will not be a time for students to socialize so please discuss with your children the need to practice social distancing at all times. Please note there will be no access to other areas of the campus.

Seniors please read the Device Return Procedures before your return date.

Please refer to the schedule below:

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Final Exams Schedule (Updated)

Check out the final exams schedule. Finals exams will be administered online.


May 24th-27th

MONDAY: Distance Learning Schedule 1,2,3

TUESDAY: Distance Learning Schedule 4,5,6

WEDNESDAY: Distance Learning Schedule 1,2,3 (MAKE UP DAY)

THURSDAY: Distance Learning Schedule 4,5,6 (MAKE UP DAY)

Finals Daily Schedule (9th-11th)

June 1st-June 3rd

MONDAY: Holiday

TUESDAY: Finals Schedule P. 1 & 4, 7

WEDNESDAY: Finals Schedule P. 2 & 5, 7

THURSDAY: Finals Schedule P. 3 & 6

FRIDAY: All Periods (Friday’s PLC Schedule)

FINALS Block Period Times

FINAL 9:00am – 11:00am

LUNCH 11:05am – 11:35am

FINAL 11:40am – 1:40pm

PERIOD 7 1:45pm – 2:45pm (to be taken over 2 days)

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Sign Up for an IN Person Graduation Ceremony Session !!!

Graduation ceremonies at Otay Ranch High School will be held on campus in the stadium on June 4th. Follow the directions below to reserve a spot in one of the three sessions. Sessions are limited to 200 graduates, to ensure safety protocols. Guests will be limited to 4 (this includes infants, toddlers and children). Sign up early to get your preferred session. Ceremonies will be held at 9:00, 11:30 and 2 pm.

Please read the instructions very carefully before you proceed.

1) Students, you must be logged into your SUHSD google account to sign-up.
2) Please carefully select your preferred time slot as there will be no changes made after you submit.
3) Once a particular time slot is filled, it will no longer be visible in the drop down menu. Only the remaining time slots will be visible.

Final Semester 2 Grades

Final Grades for Seniors are available on May 28th.

Final Grades for all other students are available on June 4th.

Below are instructions on how to check the final grades in Infinite Campus and the grade book in Jupiter.

Infinite Campus (Progress Report)

Jupiter Grades (up-to-date grades)


Class of 2021 –

Action required. Please read this important message.

To request an Official Transcript be sent to your college/university you must submit a request.

Instructions are posted on our school website:

Important: Please submit your request as soon as possible to allow sufficient processing time.

Note: If you completed courses through Southwestern College, you must request your Southwestern College Official Transcript be sent to your college/university. Instructions for ordering the Southwestern College Official Transcript:

Thank you,

ORH Counselors

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Follow us on Instagram @otayranchcounseling to see which colleges the Class of 2021 will be attending in the Fall.

Take the SUHSD Senior Survey

You can access the Senior Survey at:

Username: Student ID NUMBER (8976542)

Password: DOB (MM/DD/YEAR) (04022001)

Once they login, they choose TAKE ASSESSMENT.

Choose SENIOR SURVEY 2020-21 under assessments.

Summer Conditioning ORH Football

Anyone interested in playing football for the upcoming 2021 season, we will begin Summer Conditioning on Monday June 21st at 3:30 pm. Please see attached info for starting dates and times as well as sign up information for the Mustang Football Club through AAU.


Incoming Football - ORHS


Save the Date

English Learner Advisory Committee May 20th @ 10am via google meets. Link will be available on the school website.


Book & Laptop Returns: 6/1 & 6/2

Diploma Pick Up (Must be cleared of fines) 6/9

Q & A From Coffee with the Principal

Can my students still attend in person learning May 3rd? What about attending after May 3?

Our rosters have been set for May 3 so we can no longer add students for a May 3 start. If you or your child wants to return to in-person learning after May 3, please call the school or E-mail your child’s assistant assistant principal and your child’s name will be placed on the waitlist. We will review our numbers and requests once a week and will be accepting students to return to in-person learning on a space available basis.

Will there be a makeup day for CAASPP testing? When are they?

Makeup testing will take place throughout the month of May. Because of the distance learning platform, makeup testing will need to be administered across several days, therefore there is not one specific date for any particular student. Messages will be sent with dates and more information through email and Jupiter.

Are the counselor virtual hours just for students or parents as well?

Yes, parents, in addition to students, have access to counselors during their virtual hours.

EVERY Monday & Thursday from 2:30 - 3:15 pm on Zoom. Open forum available to answer any questions you may have.

How do the grade numbers compare to pre-pandemic? Were they very different?

Currently the second progress report for semester two shows an 11% F rate. Pre-pandemic the second progress report for the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year reflected a 6% D/F rate. The conditions pre-pandemic are very different from what we have now and as such, Principal Peralta is not comparing pre-pandemic grade data to present data. The ORH staff is committed to working collaboratively to deliver instruction in the hybrid setting and to continue to use technology and strategies that will engage students to learn.

What is the start date for the 2021/2022 year?

According to the 2021-2022 student calendar published in the sweetwater district website, school will start on July 21, 2021 for students.

Is summer school online?

Both online and in person summer school courses will be available and students can choose to go online, in-person, or both (meaning 1 class online and the other class in-person).. A survey was sent April 29 for all students who made a course request for summer school. Click Here for registration support.

Will Advanced Placement (AP) classes be offered in summer school?

There will be no Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered in summer school. The majority of courses will be for recovery. However several courses will be offered for acceleration. They are: IM1 for incoming 9th grade, Health for 11th grade, Spanish, VAPA, and PE (if we are able to offer).

AP exams for science and math are in June AFTER school is out? e.g. AP Calculus Why?

Due to having to administer AP exams digitally, the above AP exams are only offered during Administration Window 3 (per College Board exam schedule). Majority of schools are administering AP exams during window 2 and 3 because of curriculum coverage to ensure students have ample time to prepare for and to allow teachers to cover all necessary material. Windows 2 and 3 are the only windows that allow students to fully prepare for and the only windows that offer digital exams. The only exams that must be in person/on paper (per College Board) are AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature. Those two exams do not have a digital exam.

When are finals?

Finals for seniors will be from May 24th-May 27th. For all other students, finals will be from June 2nd- June 4th. You can see a complete list of finals and times on the ORH Spring Calendar.

Will there be Senior Awards?

As of now, the counselors are planning a virtual scholarship awards ceremony.

If California is dropping tier restrictions on June 15th why can't Otay Ranch HS host a full ceremony after that date?

Otay Ranch High School’s graduation date will be on June 4, which is the last week of school.

If your child is a CSF Sealbearer, will they change the color or their cap and gown?

Students who are CSF Sealbearers will graduate in a white cap and gown.

How will our child know if they will receive a department Sash?

If sashes are given to students who complete programs such as AOJ and Dual Language, the program coordinators or teachers will inform the students. Students who qualify for district-wide sashes such as CTE and Compact are given the sashes here at school.

Is it still possible to order a cap & gown?

Here is the direct link to the graduation products website:


All seniors are required to "REGISTER" online with SoCal Recognition, Inc.


Seniors and Senior Families will receive an email confirming their registration information and can go back online to to complete their order for all Graduation Products including Caps & Gowns.

Will there be school orientation for the current 9th grade students going into 10th grade, for 2021-2022 school year, that have never been on campus before?

Thank you for this suggestion. As we get more clarity on how we will be opening and conducting classes next school year, this is something that we will need to consider. We understand that the majority of our incoming sophomores have not been to the ORHS campus.

For students interested in obtaining a summer job. Does the school have information on companies that accept student work permits and have jobs for students? Is the school open over summer to obtain work permits?

Otay Ranch High does not have information on employers who are hiring students. Summer work permits can be obtained by following the directions on the school website. They will be issued between May 7th and June 15th. The issuing of work permits by ORH will resume July 6th. Between June 15th and July 6th work permits are issued by the district office.

Will there be league finals for Track and Field like they had for swimming?

The District Athletic Manager is working with our coaches to find a feasible plan that meets the county safety guidelines. As of now, any track competition cannot exceed four teams. As soon as an update is given, Coach Valdez (Head Coach, Track and Field) will inform the school community.

Can we begin fundraisers for sports like cheer?

Due to the pandemic, no on-campus fundraisers have been allowed this school year. Coaches and Club advisors have been informed of fundraising limitations for this school year. Coaches can contact Assistant Principal of Activities Nora Glasco in the ASB for further information on fundraising.

Seniors: Sweetwater Accounts Will be Deactivated

Graduating students (and students leaving the district) will need to create a new google/gmail account (for personal use) and save any desired files/information from their existing SUHSD google account. Their SUHSD GOOGLE/GMAIL accounts, ending in, will be deactivated and deleted. Students should not use the SUHSD domain as a personal google/gmail account.

  1. For 12th/13th grade students graduating, we will deactivate/delete their accounts starting the first weekend of September. (We understand that students can possibly receive awards communications via email through August.)

  2. Other students, leaving the district, will have 30 days before their account is deactivated/deleted.

  3. We will send out reminders (IC Messenger) in May to students and parents reminding them to save wanted information from their google account and to create a personal google/gmail account, to be used for their higher education endeavors or gmail needs when they leave SUHSD.

  4. This notification will also be posted on our district website, under the Students and Parents tab, starting in May.

Buy an ORH Yearbook

Dear Mustang Family,

This is just a reminder that yearbooks are still on sale for $75.00 dollars for one more week. On May 1st the price will go up, so order yours now by going to "" Put in Otay Ranch and it will take you to our yearbook. Make sure you select "Yearbook Home Delivery" put in your address where you would like the book shipped (It's FREE shipping)

You no longer need to add the coupon code for free shipping, just press "Checkout and pay.

Yearbooks are going fast and we don't want you to miss out on getting one. Once the yearbook is sold out, we will NOT be ordering more.

Here are the steps to purchase your yearbook today. You will buy it online this year with credit card, debit card or PayPal.

  1. Go to

  2. Once in the site, please type in Otay Ranch and our school will appear. Click on Otay Ranch High School

  3. Then click the Yearbook box.

  4. Next you will see some personalization options (you can select any of these options if desired) and the option to select yearbook home delivery. Click on the yearbook home delivery box.

  5. You must enter your home address in order to have a yearbook shipped to your house.

  6. Confirm your information is accurate and then complete the payment procedure.

If you have any questions you can email Dan Kray at and I will make sure we get them answered.


Dan Kray

Yearbook Adviser

Otay Ranch High School

Spotlight on ORH Photography

Check out the restaurant guide and recipe book assembled by Ms. Fojtik's photography class. Be warned, it will definitely make you hungry.

If you missed the Incoming Freshman Night...

You can still review the Powerpoint Slides as well watch the recording of the webinar. Take a look at the Course Offerings Page to help you make decisions about classes for next year. Also, explore the many electives and programs available to Freshman by browsing the Freshman Elective Fair. All incoming Freshman projected to come to ORH were sent an email with instructions for submitting a Google Form for course requests. If you or your child did not receive it, contact their counselor. You can find the ORH counselor alpha breakdown on the counselor center staff page.

Mustangs In the News

Check out the CBS 8 report on the Otay Ranch High School Yearbook...

Counselor Virtual Office Hours

Beginning February 22, 2021, ongoing virtual office hours -

Counselor Virtual Office Hours

Counselor Virtual Office Hours are EVERY Monday & Thursday from 2:30 - 3:15 pm on Zoom.
We are available to answer any questions you may have. This is an open forum.

Need an Individual Appointment? Please email your counselor.

Monday link:
Meeting ID: 889 4307 3333
Passcode: 858874

Thursday link:
Meeting ID: 884 9082 2718
Passcode: 008805

Holiday schedule (No Office Hours):
• March 22 - April 2 Spring Break
• May 31 Memorial Day

-ORH Counselors

Sign Up for Your Graduation Ceremony Session

Graduation ceremonies at Otay Ranch High School will be held on campus in the stadium on June 4th. Follow the directions below to reserve a spot in one of the three sessions. Sessions are limited to 200 graduates, to ensure safety protocols. Guests will be limited to 4 (this includes infants, toddlers and children). Sign up early to get your preferred session. Ceremonies will be held at 9:00, 11:30 and 2 pm.

Please read the instructions very carefully before you proceed.

1) Students, you must be logged into your SUHSD google account to sign-up.
2) Please carefully select your preferred time slot as there will be no changes made after you submit.
3) Once a particular time slot is filled, it will no longer be visible in the drop down menu. Only the remaining time slots will be visible.