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March days

We have had a great start to March. 2nd grade was able to see the Girls Hamburg Choir perform on Monday. They were amazing singers and the children all sat in awe of what they were hearing. There were 2 sports competitions that students from 2D participated in. The first was the soccer tournament that Jethro was part of and they won gold! The other was the swimming competition that Zarek, Jeb & Emily participated in. We were able to go and watch a few of their races and I think they felt very happy to see all the support. Well done!

In reading the students have been focusing on getting into character for their readers theater. We have been working on voice, facial and body expression. One group performed their play to the class on Thursday afternoon and they did a wonderful job. Lots of laughter and engagement from the audience. I look forward to the other groups performing this week.

The students are working hard on their opinion pieces in writing. Generating examples to support their reasons is probably the most challenging part of this writing genre. I have found them sharing their work with others is helping them to find more examples to support their reasons. I encourage you to ask them to share their ideas with you.

2D LOVES math and they have been having lots of fun extending their learning about number and practicing different strategies to solve equations and addition problems. Please look out for the math work that comes home. I know they will love talking with you and showing you their math skills on the problem sets and exit tickets. This week we are focusing on subtraction which they are excited about.

This week is the last week of our social studies maps & landforms unit. In pairs they researched different landforms, where they are found in the world and how people interact with them. They used the website pebblego to read and record information and then transferred their findings to create a poster. They are on display above their cubbies if you want to have a look. They have also designed and created a 2D map of their own that has at least 5 different landforms. They also had to have a key on their map. They are now using these 2D maps to construct a 3D map using clay and other mediums.

One of the biggest highlights this week was starting Robotics! They are working in pairs to build a robot following a set of instructions. All of the building has been completed and this week coming, they will start to program their robots using software on the computer. It is wonderful to see little engineers in class. They have been having a blast!

Have a great week.


A whole lot of love!

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