May Faculty Meeting

What is Student Retention?

Student Retention

Now that we’ve mentioned who Bryant & Stratton College students are, we want to talk about the success of these students. Currently, an issue of great concern in Higher Education is the retention and success of students. Persistence to graduation is key.

Students who do not persist to graduation miss valuable opportunities to complete their education and improve their chances to advance in the workplace. In addition to the challenges faced by the students, the college also suffers financial repercussions and reputational damage. In the current competitive market, low retention rates can be damaging to a college.

In an effort to improve the college’s success rates, and as part of our Strategic Plan, we have been charged with achieving a 75% success rate in all our courses from 1st-term through Capstones. An increase in the overall success rate means we are graduating more students who are career-ready and who are able to meet their financial obligations to the college. In turn, we are able to continue providing outstanding services and support to future graduates.

One of the goals of this faculty meeting is to help you think of ways to improve the success rates in your classes. What can you, as the instructor do, to help you students persist through the course, complete the class successfully, and continue on in their education? What do you do now that you can improve, as well as, what changes can you incorporate to increase your success rates?

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