Volcano- Mountian to Mole Hill!

By Chad Kirby

First Fact

Fact number one is eruptions. “Some volcanos quietly erupt, but some blow their tops in giant explosions” (pg.12). Every explosive eruption shoots out tons of rock, ash, and heat. Pyroclastic flows burry towns and vaporize you on contact. The flow causes chokes, makes your brain explode, and swipes you away. Lava that flows out burns everything in its path leaving a trail of destruction. Some volcanos can shoot out pummus stones which can float in water but can be very big and deadly.

Second Fact

Fact number two is after eruptions. Eruptions can destroy homes and everything inside it. Volcanos can destroy trees and plants, but after, all the trees and plants will grow back. It will be nice and fertile. That’s why the land beside volcanos are so green. Although, it might be green some eruptions can cool the earth. The volcano in yellow stone national park, scientists predict that when it erupts there will be so much ash clouds that it will plunge the U.S.A or the earth into an ice age.

Fact Three

The final fact is a volcanos history. “The most famous eruption ever is Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii, Italy” (pg.23). The town of Pompeii was buried from a pyroclastic flow. It was preserved for 1700 years till it was discovered. The reason why it is so famous is because the pyroclastic flow vaporized the people but it left holes in the ground from the people. Scientists later found the holes but did not know what they were. So they poured plaster in the holes and found that it was in the shape of bodies.