Canada 2060 Assignment

Luvleen Rehal


Canads is known for its freedom and for accepting diversity. many immigrants enter and leave canada for different reasons. this causes the rates to change drastically and have a major impact on the country. Due to this fact the birth rate, death rate, and natural increase rates are always adjusting. By 2060 canada will be at a very different stage, the world will be more advancedand the demographic system will change. Also, the first nations community will get more of their rights considering the fact that they were the first to be living in canada. Moreover, the current immigration demography and first nations system will help us predict the future years till 2060.


Immigration has always been an important part of Canada. Popukation growth is all depended on the amount of immigrants that enter Canada every year. in these immigrants there are three major categories.

Economic Immigrants:

  • immigrants with skills and experience in the workforce
  • experienced business people

Family Immigrants:

  • citizen/permanent residence that are families coming to canada


  • come for protection from their home country

Immigrants from 195 countries come to Canada and three main are from China, India, and the Philippines. A major issue that Canada is facing is that there are about 80,000 to 12,000 illegal immigrants living in Canada. This might be a problem in the year 2060 because this number will increase in the years and get worse. During 2009 the population growth increased steadily and this process will go on for another 50 years until it will gradually start to slow down. states " the canadian population would grow steadily, increasing from 33.7 millionin 2009 to 43.8 million in 2036 and 52.6 million in 2060" this mean that the number of immigrants will keep on gowing.

We can infer that the birth rate in Canada will be very high because of the increase in the population. The death rate will be higher and start to increase by the yeaar 2060 because of baby boomers. The natural increase rate will also be higher since birth/death rates are growing.


Canada is at stage 4 of the demographic transition model, this means that the death rate and birth rates are both low which stabilizes the total population growth. Canada deals with strong economies, highly educated citizens and good healthcare systems.Although a problem that might be faced throughout the years is that more people will be leaving the workforce. This is because there are more seniors that young people and their age is getting older. Although, by 2060 the population would be more stable since the population will grow more slowly.
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First Nations

The first nations people were one of the first to be settled in Canada and they found their own trade routes and culture which differs them from immigrants. Most of these people live in the urban centers in Canada. The population of them arent high so by the year 2060 i think that they will start to decrease. Also, more immigrants are entering Canada each day so they might stop getting they important freedom.
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