Kendall Aborigines

native cultures of Austraila

Where do they live?

They live in Tasmani, and witch is in Australia. Their type of environment is The Out Back. They have houses made out of sticks.

Aborigines appearance

They have a darker skin tone. They usually have brown hair color. They usually wear white paint. They have very destined of eyes.

From where did they come?

They came from Europe and moved to Australia 50,000 years ago.

Modern Fact

They have been coming more modern by playing rugby and soccer. There meals are very simple and they only eat fruit and veggies. They have started to wear more modern clothes.

Food and tools

They eat fruits, corn, bush, and apples. They eat simple meals. They have digging sticks and grind stone.


After 1788 they have suffered many disease. They were also low on food for a period of time.


There enemies with the Europeans. They have many spears and boomerangs.

Fun Facts

The British sent there worst criminals to Australia. They could not escape. Also they have winter while we have summer.

Summary of what I have learned from this research.

The Aborigines people of Australia are a fascinating group to research. I learned many facts. Three of my favorites are animals, moderns fact, and fun facts. Knowing what I do now about these people, I would want to learn about the animals because they are very exotic animals such as the woylie.