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A STEM Closer From Changing The World!

Peanut Butter Local Hospital has been researching stem cells to see if it could treat different diseases, such as Leukemia. Leukemia is a type of cancer of your blood cells, that starts in the bone marrow. Stem cells are specialized cells that can develop into almost any other cells in the body. Stem cells come from two places: blastocyst, or 3-5 day old embryos and adult tissue. Stem cells can help people with diseases tremendously. Stem cells can be used to turn on different genes within itself for it to turn into another cell. For Leukemia, the bone marrow has to be destroyed with chemotherapy and then a donor can inject their own stem cells into the patient's bone. This could potentially cure the disease Leukemia. Why isn't people using this? One word could sum up the entire answer; Rejection. People don't want to have more stem cells inside of them. Lots of people are uneducated about the positively and the great impact stem cells can give to treating the conflict. People that like the idea of abortion, hate the idea of stem cells. To get the stem cells, we must have to destroy embryos for the research of getting stem cells. People considered this act of destroying embroys ethical. But something that is potentially helpful to cure diseases and not using it, would be etchical to us. However, lots of religious group like the idea of stem cells. It can be used to repair damaged tissues and organs.

So What Can You Do?

Peanut Butter Local Research Hospital has decided to test out this theroy of seeing if stem cells are a significant factor to Leukemia treatment. In order to do this we need people like you! Obviously, people who are diagonsed with Leukemia are a crucial key to this experiment because they are the ones who have the diseases we are trying to quell. But other than them, we need regular people as well! These people can donate some of their stem cells, tfor us to inject into the Leukemia patient. Many people see lots of negativety in this processes, but a way to kill cancer completely, is something the world needs. The patient nor the donor, will be affected negatively by this treatment. If anything, this outcome might be a tremendously impactful one. So all you people out there, be optimistic and find Peanut Butter Local Research Hospital using the information below. You can change the world!

To Summarize:

Stem Cells are specialized cells that can develop into other cells to repair broken tissue or organs. Lots of people believe stem cells can help cure lots of diseases including Leukemia. What we want to do at the hospital is to potentially cure any patient that has Leukemia. In order to do that, we need people willing to be experiemented and people willing to be very helpful and important donors. There is lots of controversy over the idea of stem cells, however, we can insure you, if you help us, we can help you back! COME AND JOIN THE TEAM!

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