March 2014

Theme Study

  • Students are working hard on their inventor research. They are using their note taking skills and gathering interesting facts about the inventor's background. This information will be published in a book format and will be shared at the end of the school year.

Center Activities

  • Students are learning about different problem solving strategies as they work through the math units. They are becoming persistent problem solvers. Their topic study projects are coming along nicely. And in science we are learning about simple machines. This week we learned about the screw and the wedge. We even got my tool box out and the students all took turns swinging the hammer!! Ask them about what we learned.


We are beginning to brainstorm ideas for an invention. I've asked them to think about an idea that might solve an everyday problem. Each week we will be discussing how to become an inventor and each child will keep an ongoing list of ideas. In a few weeks I will ask them to select their best idea. I'm so anxious to see what they come up with!! More information will be coming home about their invention idea in a few weeks.

Looking Ahead

  • March 15-23 Spring Break!
  • May 12th PEAK Showcase at Shoal Creek from 6:30-8:00. More information to come.
  • May 19th Last day of PEAK for the school year. This is a change from our original calendar. Adjustments have been made due to all the snow days we've had this year.

Enjoy Spring Break! I look forward to seeing everyone back at PEAK on March 24th. :)