Vocabulary List 7

Jessica Ogilbee


Contiguous- things that touch one another or immediatley next to each other

Intermittent- nothing constant or steady; start, stop, and starting agian

Desolate- lacking the things that make people feel comfortable and welcome; no people or animals

Deference- showing respect for someone or something

Flutuate- to change levels, frequency, or strength

Immaculate- having no flaw or error

Abomination- something that causes disgust or hatred

Synonyms and Antonyms


-synonym: contactual

-antonym: separated


-synonym: uninhabited

-antonym: populated


-synonym: yielding

-antonym: noncompliance


-synonym: vary

-antonym: stay


-synonym: impeccable

-antonym: tainted


-synonym: shame

-antonym: enjoyment

Word Swap

Ohio and Indiana are side by side states. (Contiguous)

Ghost Towns are uninhabited. (Desolate)

I yielded to his wishes. (Deference)

Whenever we took Susie's temperature it would vary from 99-103. (Fluctuate)

The Chef always kept his kitchen looking impeccable. (Immaculate)

The act the main character in The Scarlet Letter brought shame to herself. (Abomination)