The Warriors Heart

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Character Analysis

Eric was just your normal boy that loved books that gave him the adventuress feeling. And later on in life he was trying to find out who he was good for like any other teen. But he grew up to do what his parents thought it was the impossible.

The Plot


Eric just loved books and during Kindergarten his parents talked about something called the "Key to College".That wondered him and he never thought about what would come in the Future


Eric moved to Chicago because moved in with his aunt and tried boxer training. He didn't really find his calling in his life but he thought about the Army.

Climax: His first morning in Gasinsi, wasn't good at all because in the morning Artillery shots fired.


Training was tough but he made it though the training and became a Navy Seal. He wrote about some really tough times but he made it.


It changed many times but he made all the way to a Navy Seal

1. Missouri

2.. Chicago

3. China

4. California

Each location had a special everything from it going to fighting a Chinese man to training to be a Navy Seal, he had memories

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