THE chapter was about when fudge told pete how much would it cost to buy the hole new york city.Then pete told fudge that he is out of his mind . pete told fudge how are you going to get that much money pete said to fudge . Fudge said I will make my own money.The next day mom told pete and fudge that they are going to go to the shoe store.

the shoe store

The shoe store

When pete and mom got to the store pete pick his shoe fast. But  when it was  fudge turn he told mom can I get 2 pairs of shoes mom said no.Fudge got upset and he started to run around the store mom had to chase him all around the store. Mom got fuge to pick those gre4en and black shoes . When it was time to pay mom told fudge to pay the man  he pulld out fuge bucks . then man said this facke money. then mom payed and then lelf.


Fudge is a 8 year old kid that is so smelly whith money.He likes his fudge bucks that he made whith picas of paper.he likes to talk whith uncle feather .But one day when he lelft and then came back uncle feather was out of his cage and  he whent staight to the  window and then he broke his wing Fudge was upset.