The Me Project

By: Harsimran Singh Kang

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Who am I

Hi my name Harsimran Singh Kang. I'm in grade ten and I go to Louise Arbour Secondary School. I am a very active person but along with that I am also very shy. It is really hard for me to talk to new people and make new friends. My biggest interest is that I love to play soccer and I have played soccer for about eight years. My two favourite subjects are math and science.

My Favourite Things

My Influences

The person who had the main influence on me was my dad. My dad has taught me some life lesson that I always remember and they are going to help me in the future. He has also been a big influence on me for my soccer career. For example, he has taught me to always have a positive attitude no matter what the situation is. He also told me to do my best and to put my 100% in anything I do in life. He told me to keep my head up and move forward and all these advises have helped shaped my character in a positive way and has also made me a better person today.

My Leadership Style

The leadership style I prefer is "Leader as a consultant" because I encourage team participation and input in decisions. I consult with my team before making my final decision. For example, when playing soccer I ask my teammates their opinion on what position they would like to play and who will take the penalty or free kicks. I acknowledge team members' expertise but at the end still make the final decision. This leadership style is beneficial because everyone's opinion is acknowledged.

Role Model

My role model is Neymar because he is a very dedicated and talented soccer player. He had to work hard to get at the position where he is today because he came from a very poor part of Brazil. He had the determination to make his future better by focusing on his career. Once in the 2014 world cup, Neymar got a very severe spinal injury, which the doctors said he might have to end his career. But Neymar did not give up and came even stronger. Neymar is a big influence on me because his passion for the sport motivates me to do something with my future. He has the right characteristics to be successful and I try implying those same characteristics to have a better future.

My Future

For the moment I have no future plans because I really did not think of what to become when I grow up. But I would like to do something in the science and math field since I am exceptional in these two courses. Also, most of the time my parents keep on reminding me to become a doctor, so I have started to really focus on this career and have also taken courses for next year that will lead to this path. Becoming a doctor or anything in that field will take a lot of hard work and my personal time, this is a long way and it will take most of my time, so to be successful I will have to complete all my work and put in good amount of time with all my dedication.

Family Symbols

There are three people in my family, mom, dad, and myself. They are from a very small village in India. They came to Canada in 1994. The first picture is a khanda which is on the sikh flag, and it is a very important symbol. The second picture is of the Golden Temple which is a very holy place. Whenever I go to India I have always visited the Golden Temple. It is a very calm and peaceful place and I feel blessed when I am there. My main hobby is playing soccer. I started to play soccer as a way to be active, but it slowly turned into my passion and I loved playing the game. Also I don't have lots of memories of me with my parents or friends because I spent 8 years playing soccer and did not do anything else.

Personal Test Results

a) Visual Learner

b) Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging

c) The Investigator (CI)

d) Computers

e) Achievement

Top 3 Occupation: Statistician, Financial Analyst, Risk Management Specialist

True Colour: Orange and Green