Viking Newsletter

March 2021

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A spring in our step!

Dear Families,

With your diligence and the efforts of staff to adhere to COVID guidelines, we have reached another important milestone of this school year - spring break! I am so appreciative of the efforts of staff, students, and families at our school sites and Distance Learning Academy that have made it possible for families to have both the safety and flexibility to make the most of this school year!

Learning level updates

I am so happy to announce that on March 22, when we return from spring break, high school students will return to a five-day in-person model! All school district sites and programs will operate at a Level 2.

Graduation and prom

NBAPS plans to host an in-person graduation ceremony on Sunday, June 13. More details about the make-up of the ceremony will be communicated as the event draws near. In addition, high school staff are working with a parent group to provide juniors and seniors an in-person prom, which is scheduled for June 11. As with graduation, details will be shared with affected families as the event date draws closer. We are very excited and grateful for all the staff and community members working with us to make graduation and prom happen for our students!

I count my blessings each and every day that I have the privilege to serve such an amazing community. I hope each of you has a wonderful spring break!


Sara Paul


COVID reminders

Transportation reminder

The NBAPS transportation dept. will continue to assign seats and mandate masks for students through the end of the school year to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19, and parents/guardians are asked to remind students of these guidelines. Families are encouraged to continue/consider providing personal transportation for students. With the warmer weather, families within a reasonable distance are encouraged to have students ride bikes or walk to school.

Remember the guidance

Staff and families have done an amazing job this year protecting our in-school option for students! With the end of the school year in sight it is critical staff and students not become complacent with safety protocols. Guidance stresses hand washing, the wearing of masks, and social distancing where feasible. Prior to March 22, please remind your students of the importance of continued adherence to the guidance to ensure we finish the school year Vikings strong! Of course students should stay home if they are experiencing symptoms, and students with a symptomatic individual in the household, pending a test result, should stay home until test results are known.

COVID testing

Interested families can find everything they need to know about COVID testing at COVID-19 Testing for Kids and Families. There are testing sites across the state as well as a “test at home” program. Click here for a list of community testing locations, and here for no-cost at-home tests.

School nurses available to answer questions

If you have any questions about testing, symptoms, guidance, or need assistance after spring break, please call nurses Abigail Schulte (grades 6-12) 651-674-1525, or Kristen Swalboksi (grades preK-5) 651-674-1194. Also, the school district will host a virtual session on Monday, March 22, from 7-9 a.m. in case families have any questions before the start of school. Use this link to join the virtual session: