Marine Biology

The Perfect Job for Those with a Deep Love for the Deep Sea

Marine biology is perfect for anyone who loves the ocean!

Have you ever wanted to dive down deep and explore a beautiful and mysterious part of the world? If you have, then marine biology is for you! Marine biologists study the life processes, diseases, and origin of organisms found in the sea. They sometimes work in the lab, but more often work in the field. This means beaches, reefs, and the open sea.

Cool Things Marine Biologists Get to Do!

Get Started!

To get started in a fun career in marine biology, you must go to college. You have to go for four years at a college with an excellent marine biology program. These colleges are usually in warm, sunny states near the ocean like Florida, California, and Hawaii.

This is Marine Biology!

You will love a great job like marine biology. You get to hang out at the beach and study really unique creatures. Your day is never the same, every day is a new adventure just waiting to begin. If you have saltwater in your veins and the ocean in your heart, marine biology is just the career for you!