Charlie's Bucket List

By: Charlie McBride

Wingsuiting of off a mountain.

I would like to go wing suiting off of a mountain into a canyon. So on my way down I can see what water and wind has broken down to the canyon.It is physical weathering. And then brought down by gravity a type of erosion. And I would go with Braden.
Jeb Corliss " Grinding The Crack"

Base jumping into a cave.

I would like to go base jumping into a cave with Garrett. We would get to see the layers upon layers of earth that has been broken down into a cylinder. The moved by gravity a type of erosion.
Epic Base Jumping In a Cave

Be a human bowling ball

I'd like to be a human bowling ball for a day. I would get to see all the snow that has fallen and watch the rocks get broken up. And see how wind and ice has moved the snow and rocks.
Human Bowling - Bear Naked!

Work for google

One of the biggest things on my list is to work for google. I would get to see how the world has been weathered, eroded, then deposited by google. The rocks that are flat around the building is physical weathering. Then erosion has been slowed down by plants.
Google interns' first week

Visit Dubai

I would like to visit dubai. I would have the chance to see how wind has effected it with the sand. Then see how wind (another type of erosion) has moved the sand.
Dubai in 4K - City of Gold