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To the BEST Elementary Principals in Florida!

Tips for Building Exemplary Schools...

Kafele says that "It is your responsibility as school leader to ensure that teaching and learning are occurring at optimal levels in every classroom." (The Principals 50) To do that, principals must:

  • Visit classrooms regularly. Frequent classroom walk-throughs allow principals to build a positive collegial relationship with teachers and have meaningful instructional conversations. Regular visits become affirming to teachers when administrators give consistent feedback and expectations.
  • Be the instructional leader, not just a school manager. Make conscious and deliberate efforts to establish yourself as the instructional leader of your school by asking questions, discussing curriculum, knowing your students (and their instructional needs) and hearing the concerns of teachers.
  • Work hard to build trust (and morale) among staff. Teaching is a tough profession (yet a joyous one too)! Know the "pulse" of your staff and work to make sure they are "engaged" through building connections with you and others. Celebrate their achievements and know when they need a morale booster. Having "socials" or other fun events occasionally provide balance and ensure "connectedness" among your staff. Remember, in the list of top five motivators, having fun is #5 and connecting with other people at work is #1.

Reminder...Next administrators' meeting scheduled for September 27th @ 9:00 a.m.

Check out esgi software for kindergarten teachers...

This is nifty software that Fort White Elementary School uses with their kindergarten teachers ($56 @ teacher) to help keep up with KISS test student data. Among other things, it creates a parent letter outlining what skills students know and what skills need to be learned. It can also show a pie graph of what they know. If interested, talk to Tom or Debbie Hubbell for more information.