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Leading and Learning: BE CURIOUS

Our minds are meaning-making machines. We are constantly making judgments and assumptions that connect to our past experiences. This process is not necessarily a bad trait. It helps us make sense of the world around us as we explore and learn. But, there are times that these stories we tell ourselves can become self-destructive.

We live in an ever-changing world. Intelligence is often considered the ability to think and learn. Yet, a better definition of intelligence is the ability to rethink and unlearn. There are a few things we know that are absolute fact. Throughout our lives, we go through the process of rethinking and unlearning so that we can better understand the world and people around us. Where we fail is when we become stagnant in our beliefs and thoughts. Once we think we have nothing else to learn, our minds begin to die.

Will this year continue to bring us some problems? Sure, every school year does. Our success will be built around our ability to get curious about our problems and continue to look for new solutions and new answers to the difficulties we are facing.


Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions: 🙌🏽

Thank you to:

  • all those who attended back-to-school night to connect with the families that attended.
  • those who helped us organize and supervise the class meetings this week.
  • Tricia Bender for her efforts in getting C9 started this week.


Grateful Friday Challenge 🎉

Week 2: Grateful Friday Challenge

Hey! Hey, you! Way down this long hall...

I haven’t seen you yet this year, and that’s no good at all…

I hope you aren’t there thinking that it’s because I just don’t care…

Today I’m coming for you, and I’ve got something to share…

If you didn’t know it yet- TODAY IS FRIDAY!! We did it! AGAIN!

This is also a very special day here in our country. No, it’s not Labor Day (Yet.) It is a very important day for the rules we grew up with…always make sure you have on clean underwear. Today is National Underwear Day!! (I hope everyone is participating!)

We are ending our first full week! Week of the year. And we are hopefully getting our feet under us a bit more as we settle into our routines and classes get established. Hopefully, we are starting to feel like we are getting in the groove, and so with that, let’s get grooving around the school.

Your #SHSGFC is to venture away from your normal position each passing period...walk around the corner, say hello, and possibly share a joke with that teacher you have not had a chance to talk with in a while. Take a lap around the school and give a high five to someone on the opposite end of the building. Go say good luck to a fall coach or sponsor, or maybe during your prep, take a couple of laps and stop by a couple of classrooms that have their doors open just to say hello. Get up, get active, and connect with someone, not your classroom neighbor, but feel free to talk to them too -- or take them with you! (If you are feeling a little crazy, maybe even visit the 400s.)

Where ever you stroll -- GO BIG! Let’s support our colleagues and venture out away from our desks on a great exploration, giving an end-of-the-week wave to your colleagues around our amazing school.

With banners flying as we go…


180 Days of Learning

Bradley Mitchell

Mr. Mitchell's Geometry students are learning about how geometric features rotate on a plane. Students used graph paper to create recognizable images such as animals, buildings, or characters. The students then had to use the other quadrants of the graph paper to demonstrate how that image moved in a translation, reflection, and rotation. The students had to redraw their image by applying each of the three principles.

David Conrad

Mr. Conrad's Health students are learning about physical, mental, and social health. Students looked at different characteristics and determined which type of health those characteristics could impact. The students then sorted and talked about examples of each aspect of their overall health.

Joan Tejchma

Mrs. Tejchma's Integrated Chemistry and Physics students are learning about density. Students learned about the different properties of an object and used that object to figure out its density. The students completed a virtual density lab in the classroom before heading to the lab to implement the new information. In the lab, students used what they had learned to determine the density of a kidney bean.

Alex McCool

Mr. McCool's Geometry students are learning some geometric basics as they begin their school year. Students have learned how to define points, lines, and planes in geometric features. Students worked through different examples of each of these items as they organized notes they will use throughout the school year.

Emily Gearhart

Mrs. Gearhart's Biology students are learning about living organisms. Students brainstormed ideas on what makes something alive. After creating a list as a class, the students then went to the science lab. In the lab, students examined ten different specimens to finalize the claims about what makes something a living organism.


Educational Humor 😁

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