Keller ISD Gifted Gazette

1st Update of 2016!

Kindergarten GT Testing

Hello to all!

We wanted to touch base and let you know what's happening in our GT world. We will not be holding class from January 11th to February 5th. We will be out testing our Kindergarten students and attending multiple professional development conferences during that time. GT classes will resume across the district on February 8th.

We have stimulating resources for the kiddos to be working on in, and out of the classroom during this time. We will also be sharing multiple extension resources with the classroom teachers.

Keller ISD Film Festival is open and ready for students to work on and submit before February 29th! It is a perfect project for our GT kiddos to work on individually, with a group, or with family! The link is below.

Games, Apps, & Sites for Young Tech Sector Enthusiasts

Our kiddos that have a fondness for computer coding are welcome to continue with that passion! Website

Lightbot (junior coding puzzles ages 4-8, programming puzzles ages 9+) Website, App

Kodable (Ages 6-8) Website, App

Tynker Website, App

Bitsbox Website

Pixel press floors (Build your own video games) Website

Scratch (ages 8-16) Website

DIY (ages 7-16) Website

Canva (ages 8+) Website

Robozzle (ages 6+) Website, App
Cargobot (ages 8+) App

Machineers (ages 4+) Website

BeeBot (ages 4+) App

Robot Virtual Worlds (Expedition Atlantis has four different difficulty levels: Cadet (Easy), Explorer (Medium), Admiral (hard), and Custom.) Website, App

Keller ISD Film Festival

Check out the following link for more information! All entries due February 29th! Remember to submit entries through the online process discussed on the link below.

Keller ISD GT Program Specialists