The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Be Careful Who You Trust

People are not always who you think they are. Even the ones closest to you will hurt you the most in the end. The only person in life you can truly trust is yourself. Christopher believed that his Father was a good person, and was a truthful person. Later he learned that his Father could not be trusted considering he was the one who killed Wellington.

Struggle can be overcome and you may prosper to something great

In the book, Christopher deals with many things. Though he has a lot on his plate, he understands and comprehends that he has to remain strong. In daily life, we are given struggle to break through and come out as something great. I believe that Christopher will achieve great things by the end of the book

Never Let Your Disadvantages Hold You Back

Christopher has gotten through his mother leaving hims and finding out that his dad is crazy all while dealing with Aspergers. Though these disadvantages may render immediate success, they help him to reach his goals at a higher level than the average person. In everyday life, your disadvantages should only ever make you stronger.

Never doubt the weak, for they are usually the great

Though Christopher is often doubted, he continues to impress using logical skills and having the brain power to achieve many great things. Often people with mental disorders are looked at as weaker, when, in reality, they should be seen as bigger and better things. Those going through the most are more often than not the people with more active knowledge.