The Niall Interview

By Connor

What is your favorite book and why?

Goose bumps because he finds it interesting.
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What is your favorite genre and why?

His favorite is thriller and suspense because he likes to try to figure out what is going to happen.

What book have you not read yet but you want to?

To kill a mockingbird because he has many great things about it and it seems like his kind of book.

If you could write about anything what would you write?

He would write a thriller suspense book.

Explain something that you wrote that you are proud of?

He remembers that in 1st grade that the first peice of big writing he had to do and he got a good grade.

What is the most important advice that you would tell another writer?

The truth and how you feel needs to be told.

If you had a billion dollars what would you buy first?

He would buy a Canadian goose so he could watch it fly.