Welcome To Two Mills PA(Norristown)

The Best Place To Live

Welcome To Two Mills.

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Magee. Welcome to Two Mills. I'll show you around, show you the best spots to hang out and some places to avoid. I'll also tell you who you should hang out with and who you should stay away from.

Places To Visit

Places To Avoid

People To Avoid.

Here are some people from west and east ends you should try to stay away from.

People To Hang Out With

Here are some people you should hang out with.


Piper and Russel Mcnab's birthday party.

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 9pm

East End

The biggest party the west end has ever seen!(Although I would advise to wear nose-plugs unless you want to smell garbage the whole time)

Pennsylvania State Facts

  • Betsy Ross made the first american flag in Pennsylvania.
  • Philadelphia was once the capital of the United States.
  • Benjamin Franklin founded the Philadelphia Zoo, the first zoo in the United States.
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