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Daily Buzz 3/17/20

A Word from your friends at NEDP

We hope this email finds you well despite the unprecedented and confusing circumstances that we all find ourselves in. If one thing is clear, it is that we are all going to be spending lots of quality time with our loved ones. That's where NEDP comes in to do what we do best: FUN! We turned to our trusted fun sources; our super staff, to curate some easy activities using things you may already have, simple physical games and other screen free fun options.

We can start the fun today! It happens to be St. Patrick's Day, and our friend Barbara; who grew up in Needham and is now a teacher in Sutherland, MA, shared these fun suggestions on Facebook.

Have the little ones make leprechaun traps. Have the older ones prepare St. Patty's Day Scavenger Hunts for the younger ones.

Make your house as green as possible! Brainstorm green outfits and green meals. Use only what you have in the house.
Have kids sort out all their green legos, pokemon cards with green, green stuffies, green crayons, green markers...just imagine how long that will take them!! See if they can find 100 green items!
Have kids go through bookshelves for books with green in them Get creative it doesn't have to be as obvious as Green Eggs and Ham (which by the way would be a great green breakfast)...I'm choosing the Wizard of Oz...can you guess why it makes me think of green?
Think of music you can listen to...Irish jigs.
Pull up a How to Irish Step Dance video and see if you can learn some of the dances.
Look up Irish sayings and accents. See how many you can say throughout the day.
Have a Word of the Day. Anytime anyone says shamrock, scream. Keep a tally and see if you can work it into conversations 25 times. We normally lament the lack of unstructured and unscheduled time with our families; let's look at the silver lining and take advantage of this time that we will spend together and the fun memories that we can create for the children in our lives.

Be on the lookout for more activities to enjoy as a family or to set up for your kids to enjoy while you take that conference call.

Be well,

Genevieve, Katie & Amy