Figurative language

Different types of figurative language


Definition: comparing two things with like of as.

Example: as slippery as a eel.

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Definition: everyday language that does not make sense

Example: My car is a lemon! it means my car doesn't work well.

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Definition: a combination of words that start with the same letter.

Example: Peter pepper picked a peck of peppers.

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Definition: words that connect but not using like or as.

Example: life is a journey.

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Definition: a sound that can be a word.

Example: Bang! Crash! Splat!

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Definition: something that is not literal but you think you can do it.

Example:i could eat a horse!

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Definition: giving something a action that can not do something like it

Example: the wind whistled through the day.

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Fun facts

1. There are loads of idioms around but some are barely ever used!

2. Similes are the opposite of metaphors!

3. Alliteration can have a couple of words that don't start with the base letter but not many