Samantha Moua

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Things I Like

I like listening to music usually to kpop or other artits and groups like David Guetta, Ellie Goulding, Linkin Park, Adam Lambert, etc. I also like traveling to other places a lot with my family and we plan to travel to Canada. Another thing I really love to do is writing papers and poems for classes or just to pass time. Reading books is one more thing that I like to do along with watching horror movies and most horror movies I like are asian ones because they are much scarier. I also like family gatherings to be able to spend time together with things.

10 Things You Should/Shouldn't Do When Keyboarding

1. Have a positive attitude and self confidence.

2. Type letter-for-letter.

3. Sit in chair correctly and don't slouch on the chair.

4. Stay a hands width away from countertop not too far or too close.

5. Fingers always on homerow correctly positioned.

6. Don't rest wrists on the keyboard or countertop.

7. Have a steady rhythem while typing.

8. Try to not constantly look at the keyboard when typing.

9. Both feet remain on the floor.

10. Don't have your fingers curved too much on the keyboard only enough so your tips touch the keys.