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New invention page 1:Giant Telephone by Mr Jim:home inventor

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For all you people who are sick of using those telephones were you usualy press the wrong number, Mr Jim invented the big telephone today at 12:00 am this morning and is quickly making more.

He was one day at home trying to invent anything so he could be rich and ended up just making a bigger phone.

People who get this phone will have an easier time calling people and now two people can talk to someone else with one phone!

The phone was made the same as a normal phone and really is a normal phone other then that this phone is bigger.

To all you buyers out there here is some facts about the great phone:

1. it is bigger then a normal phone, is easier to dial a number,

3.two people can talk and listen on it at the same time, most shops it's only $50.99,

so come get this new phone thats out now and most people that have bought it so far have said "I always needed something like this" or something like that.

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