Gold Star Tutoring

Gold stars shine brightest!

Gold Star Tutoring is Padstow's newest and brightest premium tutoring service for K-10!

Gold Star Tutoring ensures all students work directly with a qualified and experienced K-6 teacher. Gold Star Tutoring specialises in helping primary school children make sense of challenging subjects, homework and assignment help, extension for gifted children, K-6 Maths, English, all subjects, up to Year 10 Maths.

We offer small class sizes so your child gets the attention and time they deserve. We want every child to excel so we work at their individual level and push them to achieve to their greatest potential. At Gold Star Tutoring, we recognise that every child is unique so our classes are tailor-made to meet their needs.

Opening Hours

Sessions run Mon-Thur 3:30pm-6:30pm

10% discount for NEW customers!

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Sessions are available for Term 4 and beyond. Call us on 0458 366 055 to secure your child's place TODAY!