A Day In The Life Of A Diabetic

By: Marcus Paul

General Backround on the Biology of Type 2 Diabetes

- The pancreas can't keep up with the amount of glucose that the body is taking in.

- The pancreas produces insulin that either isn't recognized by the insulin receptors of a cell or the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin. Either of these cases result in a blood sugar which leads to Type 2 diabetes.

- The way that diabetics fix this shortage of insulin is by taking insulin shots.

Basic Recommendations for a Diabetics Diet

- Restrict eating foods that have high sugar content.

- Do not take in large portions of food at a time. Try to eat small portions of food.

- Also watch how much carbs, calories, and total fat you are consuming, as these all can lead to type 2 diabetes or make the problem worse.

Blood Sugar Monitoring and Adjustment

It's important for diabetics to monitor their blood sugar levels so that the patient can see what their conditions are and know how much insulin they need to take. If their blood sugar is lo, then they are good and they should keep doing whatever their doing. If their blood sugar levels are to high, then they need to adjust some habits, mainly their diets.

Exercise and Lifestyle Choices

As a diabetic, it is very important to get lots of exercise, at least an hour daily, to keep your body healthy and in good condition. Eating healthy and getting good sleep are good examples of making good lifestyle choices.

How Staying Fit Relates to Keeping Diabetes in Control

Exercising and staying fit help keep diabetes in control because it lowers your blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure. Also being active causes the body to use any extra glucose found in the blood.

Biomedical Professions That Could be of Assistance to a Diabetic

Certified Diabetic Educator(CDE)

-They help provide knowledge about diabetes and equipment that diabetics use.

Primary Care Provider

- They help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

-They help with minor diabetic problems


-They help diabetic patients mentally cope with the issues that may be going on in the patient's life.


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