created by Jason Warner


Honesty is being truthful to others and others can tell if you are being honest (truthful). Honesty is a way to improve friendships and relationships with one an other. Honesty is a way for... understanding others and there problems. It tells authorities how somethings really happened or tells a teacher how they did there homework or telling friends that they can trust one an other. being honest is a type of communication that others use to persuade or talk to others.


Honesty can improve friendship's and improve trust in one another. honesty is not a skill you can master because it is already with you, you just need to tell others the truth and you just been honest witch leads us to honesty. everyone has the ability to be honest some just might not like to tell the truth and lie because they don't the world to know who they really are. people are afraid to be honest because if someone finds out then people would start freaking out. but friends you can trust you can tell them how you feel about people, telling and saying words reflect on your heart some is just afraid to tell the truth.


"honesty is the best policy" people say but they are scared to do it themselves its like they are in a dark cage and cant get out until they appreciate what people have done for them and have to be honest saying thank you for what you have done.