Student Support Services Department

Roadmap - Week of 9/17/18-9/21/18

IDVA Mission - Building a community of engaged learners.

IDVA Vision - Empowering every student to learn at high level.

SSS Department Group Agreements

  • We will be intentional in our collaborative work with school community members to address students' academic needs.
  • We will proactively identify and support students' individual needs and accomplishments.

SSS Department Kudos!

If you have kudos to share about you or a colleague, send them to Alex.


Deslynn was able to communicate today with a student who hadn’t been checking emails. Des had only been connecting with the LC, but unable to talk to the student; so she set up a CC and the student attended. They were able to work out a creative weekly check-in plan that better fits the student’s abilities at this time. Des was very creative in making this plan and connection!

Great job, Deslynn!


Kudos go to Corrie who has been filling in for Cassidy. Jesse noted that Corrie has been helping with the graduation plan tool ensure accuracy all while promoting effectiveness!

Thanks, Corrie!


Great job FASTeam for piloting the group check-in process! Combined, 62% of all FAST students attended this first check-in!

Awesome, FASTeam


Andrea Hampton wanted to thank Loretta. Loretta was working with a student from out of state and did some research on how the student could get their shot records.

Superb, Loretta!


From Jenny about Kelly regarding her absentee prevention work: "You are also doing a fabulous job of calling and following up with teachers and for that, THANK YOU!"

Woot Woot, Kelly!


A message sent to Jesse from a student: "YAY! I want to thank you guys so much for doing everything possible to help me graduate with my class. You guys are absolutely amazing, I appreciate everything you've done."

Keep up the inspiring work, Jesse!

SSS Department Trivia

If you completed this before, it didn't record. Please try again.

Please share something about you that your colleagues may not know and that you would feel comfortable with them knowing. We will include this as a question in our weekly roadmap sometime this school year.

Week 2 Trivia Results!


"I competed in a pageant, and my talent was reenacting the Napoleon Dynamite dance."

It is Alex Zamora. Circa 2005, I participated in a fundraising pageant event called Mr. CASAnova. It was a fundraiser, put on by a College of Idaho sorority for the local Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program.

No one got this correct!

Score Board:

Debbie = 1

Tree = 1

Corrie = 1

SSS Dept. Trivia Week 3 - Click Here to Answer

WHO AM I? ""In high school, I had a friend pierce my tragus (a portion of the ear) using a safety pin."

Weekly Calendar, 9/17-9/21

Monday 9/17:

  • Student & Family Check-in Survey #2 launches to those who started 9/4

Tuesday 9/18:

  • Weekly FASTeam meetings begin

Wednesday 9/19:

  • Humpday!

Thursday 9/20:

    • Last day of onboarding for cohort 2
    • Staff IDVA Apparel order due

    Friday 9/21:

    • Enrollment Approval deadline for cohort 3 (K5)
    • PLC meetings for all three groups
    • Student & Family Check-in Survey #2 results available

    Departmental & School Updates

    Time Tracking Task - Action Required

    As introduced in our last roadmap, I am asking you to track your daily time for 1 week: Monday, September 17 - Friday, September 21. You will use the attached excel file (found below) for tracking. Feel free to customize it to suit your needs so long as the main details remain.

    Here is the goal: track as you go. I want you to have an accurate reflection of your time. Include personal tasks that pop up (e.g. phone calls from family, swapping your laundry). I am not requiring you to share this part of the process with me (but if you want to process it with me, you can share it).

    Although you are not going to show me your completed tracking document, the next step - priority ranking - will be sent to me, and you'll need an accurate week's worth of info for that step, which we'll address in next week's roadmap.

    If you need a reminder, on what we are trying to do, take a look at the infographic again.

    Staff IDVA Apparel Order - Due Sept. 20

    Order Information

    • Staff only
    • Select items from
    • Order window is September 7 – September 20
    • Payment will be required prior to the order being placed with the company (dates below) – if payment is not received, order will not be placed
    • There will not be an IDVA credit for the order this year
    • As with past orders, the prices on the website do not include the embroidery charge
    • Disclaimer #1 – in order for us to place an order with the company, we do have a minimum order, if this isn’t met, we may not be able to order
    • Disclaimer #2 – items listed on the site (especially sale items) may be sold out or the color selection may not be available. I will inform you if this is the case, once the order is submitted to the company


    1. Submit your order using the google form ( by September 20 at 4:00pm MT
      1. The form allows you to order up to five items. If you want more than five, please submit a second form.
    2. Using the information submitted on the form, I will get final pricing from the company the week of September 24th.
    3. I will email you with the total amount for your item(s) the week of September 24th.
    4. Full payment will be due no later than October 5th.
      1. Mail/drop off payment at the IDVA office. Please include “Attn: Andrea Hampton” on the envelope.
      2. Make checks payable to IDVA – no cash, please.
      3. Payment must be at the office by 10/5.

    Order Form

    Be sure to fill out each item in the order form – Item Name, Number, Size, and Color. If you are ordering an item that doesn’t have a size (for example, a tote or blanket), please type “N/A” in the field that doesn’t apply.

    K12 Updates


    Reoccuring/Reference Info

    This section will be used for reoccurring/repeated info from previous weeks that may be needed for later reference.
    BOOKMARK THIS LINK: Family Information Change Survey

    To update address, phone numbers, etc. for students, please use this link. **All LG/LC changes go directly to Andrea Hampton (

    Out of Office Reply Template

    If you are going to be gone longer than 5 consecutive school days, work with Alex to find a designee that can help triage your emails.


    I am out of the office [date(s)] [optional: add reason – e.g. school outing, holiday]. I will return emails when I return on [date].




    Check out our IDVA Exhaustive Communication Goal Smore

    Remember, our goal is exhaustive communication.

    Professional Learning Communities

    As your PLC has data to review, send info to Alex to post for the group.

    An ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry to achieve better results for the students they serve.

    PLC’s operate under the assumption that the key to improving learning for students is continuous, job-embedded learning for educators.

    Four questions to guide PLC’s

    1. What do we expect students to learn?
    2. How do we know they are learning it?
    3. How do we respond when they do not learn it?
    4. How do you respond when they have already learned it?
    Roadmap Feedback

    If you have feedback on how to make this roadmap better (content, format, etc.), please give feedback.